Get a Better Handle on Your Work at Home Schedule With These Printables

Working from home can seem like a blessing when your day goes as plans. But how often does it not?

Before giving up on your dream of a stress-free (or at least less stressful) workday at home, try these tips for creating a work at home schedule that helps you work from home effectively.

A schedule for your work at home can help you stay productive and fight against the “blur” that can happen when you work from home.

Oh yeah, printables are included (keep scrolling).

Determine Your Priorities and Plan

I love to plan and organize. It brings me joy. In fact, I often think about how I can schedule my life.

And I love lists and schedules, like my block schedule for busy moms. Organizing makes me so happy!

But not everyone feels this way.

While you may not want to schedule every aspect of your life, it’s good to figure out your priorities and create plans around them.

You can start by making a list of those tasks, projects, and other priorities that are important to you. Next, list your goals for your work from home and the action steps you need to take to accomplish them.

Be sure to set some deadlines for your goals—dates to check in on your progress and a final end date. And have a little celebration or reward when you meet these dates.

With this information in hand, here’s how you can schedule your life, or at least your work from home:

Create To-Do Lists and Set Reminders

I admit, I’m a list-maker. It helps me stay organized and get things done. I also love the feeling of checking things off my list—it means I’ve accomplished something.

And since we’re confessing here, I’ve been known to add a completed task to my list just so I could check it off (don’t judge!).

To-Do Lists

To-Do lists and reminders can help you keep track of all of your tasks, events, and appointments so you stay on top of your workload.

Now, if you want to be extra (like I am sometimes), you can prioritize your To-Do list. Don’t worry, it doesn’t add that much extra time.

After writing down all of your tasks on your list, simply place an A, B, or C in front of each item:

  • A = High priority – get this done first
  • B = Medium priority – should be done today, but can do later, if needed.
  • C = Low priority – do this task after everything else, if you have time, or reschedule to the next best day.

Here’s how it will look:

To Do List used in creating a work at home schedule


For high priority items (the “A” list), you might find that setting a digital reminder is helpful.

When I’m working in my home office, I set up reminders on my Google mini. And when I’m out and about, I set reminders on my phone.

Find what works best for your work at home schedule and implement it.

Set Up a Workday Routine

When you have a lot of things to get done for your work and personal life, how do you schedule a day at home?

By setting up a workday routine.

Setting up a workday routine is one of the best ways to stay on top of your appointments and To Do list.

Start by deciding on your work from home schedule. What are the best days to work from home? For you, it might be every weekday during naptimes and after the kids’ bedtime.

Write down the days and hours you can commit to your work at home.

Next, decide what types of tasks you’ll do within those hours and the order in which you’ll do them.

For example, your weekly routine may look like this…

List of routine to include in the work at home schedule.

How you schedule your day at home is up to you. By considering what are the best days to work from home and the best times, you can create a workday routine that works for you.

Create a Work at Home Schedule

When you’re managing a busy schedule, one of the most effective tools to have is a work at home schedule.

What is a good daily schedule?

The answer is one that’s flexible and allows time for your priority tasks to get done.

Using your To-Do list and your workday routine, schedule your tasks on a weekly or daily planner. Your weekdays may look the same for the week, or each day may be different.

There is no right or wrong way to create a schedule for your work at home. Just be sure to account for all of your priority items so everything important gets done.

And don’t forget to schedule in some time to disconnect from work.

Schedule in time for exercise, rest, and family fun. This will help you stay energized and have a more productive workday.

Here’s an example of a weekly work at home schedule:

Work at home schedule for work at home moms

Print a copy of your schedule and share it with your family. Let your kids add in ideas for family fun so they feel a part of your plan.

So To Recap…

  • Write down your priorities, projects, and plans.
  • Create To-Do lists and set reminders for important tasks.
  • Prioritize your To-Do list using the A, B, C method.
  • Write down your workday routine. Be sure to pick times you can commit to each week.
  • Use this information to create a work at home schedule that includes family time, relaxation, and fun.
  • Post your schedule and commit to following it as far as possible.

Get the Work at Home Schedule Template

Ready to get a better handle on your work at home schedule? Here are some free work at home schedule templates to get you started:


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