Overcoming Self-Doubt As A Mom Blogger

I’ve been working from home for a few years now and I’ve had my share of ups and downs. There were many times early in my at-home career I had to focus on overcoming self-doubt as a mom blogger. It was usually because my blog audience or my list of clients wasn’t growing as fast as I thought it should.

Then an experience changed my whole perspective.

When my kids were young, Monday mornings were special for them. It was the day the trash truck, as they called it, came by. We would usually be in the midst of schoolwork when we would hear the familiar sound and one of my kids would suddenly yell, “Trash truck!” Then off to the window they would run.

When they first started doing this, I would just shake my head thinking, “children love the silliest things.” But after watching them run to the window, yelling excitedly day after day, I started to wonder, “what’s with this silly trash truck?”

As this would happen week after week, I found myself following them to the window and looking out, but from a distance. Then each of the following weeks, I would inch closer and closer to the window to watch.

Then one Monday morning I heard myself yell, “Trash truck!” and then cheered with my kids as we ran to the front window.

You know, it really was pretty exciting watching that big mechanical arm flawlessly lift our trash can high in the air and then dump our old, discarded items inside the huge container.

Then we would watch to see if our can tipped over when it was placed back on the sidewalk. We often found ourselves watching the trash truck clear the street as far as we could see.

So what brought about the change in me?

My kids’ excitement and consistency.  Who can resist at least a curious look at something people are so excited about?  And if they were excited about it every day, then there MUST be something to it.

This got me thinking. Sometimes as work-at-home moms, mom bloggers, freelance writers, or entrepreneurs, we often get discouraged if we don’t initially get the response we are looking for on our blog posts, articles, products, recipes or whatever new project we’ve just completed.

Some give up too quickly and move on to another idea. Others hang in there, but are discouraged and soon lose enthusiasm for marketing their work.

If you want an audience who is not only excited about your products, posts, articles, or services, but who stay excited about what you have to offer, you have to first show YOUR excitement about it…every day.

Don’t let it bother you if, at first, no one follows you. Keep letting them see and feel your excitement. Keep getting it in front of their faces, and before you know it, you’ll have a slew of excited people with their faces pressed against the window, eagerly watching your amazing trash truck.

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