How To Overcome Obstacles that Threaten Your Purpose

Oftentimes, during our journey to our calling, we meet roadblocks. In today’s episode, we talk about how to overcome obstacles that threaten your purpose.

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Welcome back to our discussion on goalsetting. We’ve been talking about setting SPIRIT-LED goals.

If you missed the first two episodes (How To Create a Vision Map and How To Pray To Discover Your Calling), you need to stop here and go back and listen to them both. I’ve given assignments in each of these episodes which you need to complete before starting this assignment.

Now that you’ve sought God’s will in His word, you’ve prayed over the scriptures and promises you found, and you’ve taken the assessment to discover your gifts, strengths, and abilities, it’s time to write out what God has revealed.

We’re on the “R” today in our SPIRIT-LED acrostic which stands for Record (or write) what God has revealed.

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Recording Your Goals

We’re going to start with the categories you chose earlier and write out specific goals for each section. Start with two or three main goals for each category. Be specific as you write your goals. Include:

  • What do you want to accomplish in each area?
  • What did God reveal to you?
  • What results do you want to see in your life?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • What are your dreams?
  • How much, how long, how many, and why?
  • Which gift will you use?

Add details that will allow you to know exactly when you’ve accomplished your goal. 

For example, my main categories are Spiritual, Health, Finances, Family, Business, and Income. Now based on the scriptures I found, my time in prayer, and the results of my gifts assessment, one goal I have for my Spiritual category is to read the Bible through this year.

The scripture I found for this is Psalm 119:11, “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.” And since one of my gifts is teaching, I will share the lessons I learn from my reading and the encouragement I receive with you. This will keep me motivated and accountable to achieve my goal.

My next step will be to determine what it will take to read it through–how many chapters will I need to read each day? I’ll break it down into quarterly, then monthly, then weekly, and daily goals. We’re actually going to cover that in more detail in the “T” for Time Block segment.

Then I’ll repeat this process for each category, identifying 2 to 3 main goals for each one.

Okay, you see? That’s the process. Write down your goal, figure out what it will take to achieve it. Which of your gifts will help you? Which scripture will you claim.

Again, there are worksheets for this process to help you create and record your goals. You can grab your guide and worksheets over at

How to Overcome Obstacles

The next step in the process is to I-dentify potential obstacles and come up with solutions for each.

Here’s where many get stuck and give up. We’re seeking God’s will, we’re praying, and we’re using our gifts, so we often feel that everything should go smoothly as a result.

But that’s not usually the case.

In our journey through life, we are going to come up against obstacles. So we can’t let this throw us off our course. In fact, we can get ahead of the potential obstacles and already have a solution for them.

This is the brainstorming step. You are allowed for this step to turn your inner critic on. You know, that “Negative Nelly” voice in your head who’s always ruining the party. Let her rip!

So take your Obstacles and Solutions worksheet from the Spirit Led Vision Worksheet pack (again, you can grab your copy here)—or you can take a plain sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. Label one side “Obstacles” and the other side “Solutions.”

Now start brainstorming. What’s going to keep you from achieving your goals? List as many things as you can come up with in the “Obstacles” column.

Once you’ve completed that side, move to the “Solutions” column and brainstorm ways you can overcome each obstacle you listed.

This side may be harder to complete, but it’s an important step. Please don’t skip over this. Take the time to complete it before moving to the next step.

Later, as you begin to implement your goals, you’ll have this valuable resource to keep you moving forward.

Okay, sweet Mama. You have your assignments. Work on these and bring them with you to the next episode where we’ll talk about Time Blocking and Living in Faith. Until next time, I pray God’s blessings over you.

Grab your pen and the SPIRIT-LED Worksheets and sit down with me as we continue creating our SPIRIT-LED goals. 

Podcast highlights:

  • How to choose your main goals to work on.
  • What to include when writing down your goals.
  • The step many get stuck on and how you can avoid it.
  • How to ensure obstacles don’t keep you from achieving your goals.

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