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How To Homeschool From the Bible – Science Unit Study

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Some of you may be new to the thought of homeschooling. Perhaps the current pandemic and the fear of sending your child back to school has you considering homeschooling. Or maybe you’re an experienced homeschooler who’s just looking to freshen up your curriculum. If you’re wondering how to homeschool from the Bible, then this Teaching Science from the Bible unit study is for you.

This first Teaching Science from the Bible unit study will focus on the lifecycle, benefits and uses of trees. There will be twelve weekly lessons in total which will be an important addition to your plant biology education for your elementary or middle schooler.

Why teach from the Bible

Several years ago, I heard a story about a mom who pulled her children out of school because she concerned about the curriculum they were being taught (much of it conflicted with their Christian beliefs). She also saw that her oldest son had begun hanging with the wrong crowd and was heading down the wrong path. Wanting to counteract all the bad influences they had been exposed to, she decided to homeschool her children using the Bible only as their textbook.

When it was discovered that she was doing this, she was investigated by the school district and was told she was failing her children and had to send them back to school. The mother convinced the school district to allow her children to be tested to measure their aptitude. Amazingly, each of her children scored in the highest ranges for the state and were allowed to continue homeschooling.

One day, years later, as I was looking for fun ways to teach my children Bible scriptures, I remembered this story. I believed in the power of God’s word, but did I have the faith to try it with my children? After days of prayer, I decided to take the leap of faith.

Now, years later, I’m amazed at how God has blessed our homeschool. Not only do my children have a better grasp of God’s word, they’re doing very well academically.

How to homeschool from the Bible

The Teaching Science from the Bible unit study is arranged with daily lessons and worksheets. Each lesson includes facts and data to cover the topic and then Review, Research and Reinforce sections to help the student apply what he has learned. The worksheets, while optional, are very helpful in giving the student hands-on learning opportunities.

Each week, a new lesson will be posted for you to follow along, download, and/or print. By using this done-for-you science curriculum, you will never have to wonder how to homeschool from the Bible–it’s practically done for you! We’ll start with Lesson 1 here which will take you through an overview of trees and their basic functions.

Click on the lesson page below to print it off (or save) for your homeschool’s use:

How to homeschool from the Bible - Lesson 1 Plan
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 1 How to homeschool from the Bible
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 1 How to homeschool from the Bible
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 2 How to homeschool from the Bible
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 3 How to homeschool from the Bible
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 4 How to homeschool from the Bible
Trees Lesson 1 - Day 5 How to homeschool from the Bible

You can get all the pages in a single download PLUS the Daily Activity Worksheets. Visit the Printables Store to learn more.

Teaching Science from the Bible Worksheets

This unit study can be used as-is with the free lessons above. However, if you want some additional learning activities to help reinforce what your child has learned, then you may want a copy of the worksheets.

The 12-page worksheet packet includes coloring, fill-in-the-blanks, word search and matching activities that kids love. The fun tasks help kids remember and apply what they’ve learned.

And the digital worksheet set includes the lesson study pages, so you can download and print the entire week’s lesson, along with activity worksheets all in one PDF. This complete lesson set is available as a download. Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

Click the button below to download your digital copy of the worksheets and the lessons.

Want to learn how to make your own printables? Here’s the course I love (so much so I became an affiliate!) that will show you exactly how: Printables by Number

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