How To Build an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Home Business

There is good business advice given in the song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Staying positive can really help you build an effective social media marketing strategy for your home business.

You see, your brain talks with all the cells in your body, so if you have a negative thought, belief or feeling, your brain sees this as a threat – that something’s wrong – and it reacts.

The end result is your body starts to spit out stress hormones and puts you in the fight or flight mode.

And how you feel affects what you think.

And what you think affects what you tweet, post or pin – your social media marketing.

But lucky you.

Because while other women entrepreneurs may struggle with negative thoughts and subsequently low engagement and sales – or think that they just have to “live with” poor results and a stagnant business…

You Don’t. 

Because you know how to market your home business. You know the simple Dos and Don’ts that can transform your so-so business into a thriving and growing one.

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Home Business

Don’t tweet or post on social media while feeling tired, angry, sad, or depressed.

If you aren’t feeling your best, you can’t help your readers be their best. Believe it or not, your feelings show through your work. Take steps to build yourself up first, then you’re ready to help your audience.

Do craft your message so that it motivates.

The content that you share to promote your expertise and your business should motivate your readers, speak to their needs, and help them take positive action that gets results.

Don’t fall into the trap of sounding desperate, lacking confidence, or being overly confident.

You risk pushing potential customers away, resulting in little to no engagement or sales.

Become an expert in creating a social media marketing strategy for your home business

Do put in the work to become the expert.

Being seen as the expert will help build the credibility of your message. How do you obtain that expert status?

It’s hard study, putting in extra effort, diligence, and perseverance that gets victories.  The results of your faithful and earnest work will be seen and appreciated by those who matter most.

Don’t fall into the trap of sounding desperate, lacking confidence, or being overly confident.

It’s good to have role models, but the world doesn’t need a duplicate of them. Your message should be unique. You want to stand out from your competition.

Do an inventory of your best skills, qualities, and strengths.

Showcase your God-given personality. Don’t be any other person’s shadow. It’s YOUR message that your ideal customers are waiting to hear.

After putting in all the work to get your message heard, there’s an internal message you need to hear and believe…

Don’t think success is only for a certain “privileged” group.

True success doesn’t come by chance, accident, or destiny.  It’s the carrying out of God’s providences, the reward to our faithful work and perseverance. We’re given opportunities; success depends on how we use those opportunities.

Do the work to ensure you’re in the best state mentally before marketing online. Tailor your messages to help your ideal reader or customer get better by posting updates, articles, images, and videos that can help them get to the optimally healthy state they need. 

Then you can show them how what you offer (your products or services) can help solve their deepest needs.

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