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How To Become a Work at Home Mom

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You want to be there for your kids, but it can be a tough decision. You just don’t know how to become a work at home mom.

“Do I really want to leave my good-paying job? How will we afford it? How can I get my spouse to agree? What will I do all day?”

But you know in your heart it’s the right decision. Deep down you know it’s time for you to come home.

Can it all really be done?

Yes, it can.

Will it be a smooth and easy road?

No, it probably won’t be.

Will you feel like pulling out your hair?

Maybe, at first.

But I’m here to tell you, it can be done and done well.

And this site is dedicated to helping YOU succeed.

It’s not about me…


My goal is to help working moms, who want to come home, take a step in faith toward the dream God has placed in her heart.

The dream of being a phenomenal mom AND a successful mompreneur.

The dream of helping to provide financially for your family so you can be home for your kids.

And the dream of not losing yourself (or your sanity) in the process.

Even if it’s just one mom I succeed in helping, it will still be worth it for me.

Will that one mom be you?

Are you ready to realize your dream?  Then let’s get started:

  • Learn how to afford to stay home with these creative ways to save and earn here.
  • Get the strategies to transition your career home or find work from home here.
  • Discover tips on homeschooling, healthy meal planning, dealing with child health issues, and raising Godly children in a secular world here.
  • If you’re interested in blogging, learn how to start a mom blog here.

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