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How To Become a Social Media Manager

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Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Do you easily and quickly post, tweet, pin or create an insta-story? Are you the go-to person among your friends and family for all-things social?

If you’ve ever thought, I wish I could get paid to spend time on (insert social media platform of choice here), then…

…I have good news.

You can start your OWN business and become a social media manager right now!

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What exactly does a social media manager do?

Social media managers are hired to manage a company’s social media channels. They create and maintain marketing campaigns for the company across several different social networks. Social media managers work daily to produce social media content for the company, always striving to create new ideas and measuring how well those ideas perform. In short, social media managers are the voice of the company on social media.

What qualifications do you need to be a social media manager?

Social media marketing is a skill that’s easy to learn and doesn’t require a college degree. However, you may find that some corporate social media manager positions do require a degree.

You do need to develop a wide range of skills that will allow you to create engaging content that converts casual readers into loyal followers or customers. Specifically, you need to start with these five skills:

  1. Social media competence – though it seems obvious, social media managers must have good social media skills. However, these skills can be learned over time through research and experience.
  2. Research – because the world of social and digital media is ever-changing, a good social media manager must keep up-to-date with any new measurement tools, trending content, and with what competitors are posting on a daily basis. This information can help develop effective marketing campaigns.
  3. Copywriting – writing is the main job of the social media manager. And each social media platform requires different writing styles to be effective. You must be able to create messages that are easily understood by the company’s audience and that promote the brand in the most positive light.
  4. Solid knowledge of SEO and keyword research – SEO has a great impact on the social media strategy. By effectively using SEO, the social media manager can attract a larger audience which increases the potential for gaining more customers.
  5. Customer service – with 34.5 percent of customers preferring social media for customer care, a good manager must ensure she has good customer service skills to match. When customers look to social media accounts for answers to their questions about products and services, their impression of the company can sour if no one is there to answer them.

The demand for social media management skills continues to grow. And this is a field where you can expect high job satisfaction and low stress.

How do I become a social media specialist or manager?

When I first left my corporate job to come home, I volunteered to help with social media marketing for a moms’ community site. I loved writing and already had social media accounts, so it was a very enjoyable task–a task that led me to start my own social media marketing business.

I knew I needed some help learning the business side of social media marketing, so I started researching.

And I found the best course to become a professional social media manager or consultant right here — Social Media Manager School!

Train to become a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager School which started in 2012, now has members all over the world. It’s the longest-running, most reliable, best-kept secret. I’m a member and graduate of this school, and I absolutely love it.

The School is divided into four sections:

  1. Social Media Lessons,
  2. Social Media Strategies,
  3. Business Building Modules, and
  4. Facebook and LinkedIn Communities.

ALL are brimming with goodness for someone who wants to make a living as a social media specialist or manager.

You seriously have to go check it out!

Have you ever wanted to make extra income doing something you really enjoy? You can:

  • Work from home, the coffee shop, or while traveling using just your laptop and cellphone.
  • Build and run a six-figure business without staff and with low overhead.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck and find freedom at home.

With the right training, you can quickly learn the exact skills you need to build a profitable business and have people searching for you.

Click the button below to go check out the school and start your path to become a social media manager today:

Become a social media manager

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