How To Become a Better Version of Yourself (and Make More Money)

Your readers, customers, and clients within your social network are there because they’ve discovered the need for relationships.

Medical data proves that relationships matter and people who have a strong social network have half the rate of heart disease compared to those who are lonely.


Research also proves that happy people live 7 to 10 years longer than unhappy people. Optimists are 77% less likely to get heart disease than pessimists.

So your community of ideal customers, potential clients, friends, and looky-loos need you.

And they need you to help THEM gain the optimally healthy state of mind that you have learned to develop.

You see, when you’re not in the best state of mind, your social media updates may come across as sounding desperate (i.e., you need sales to stay in business!), lacking confidence, or being overly confident.

This will turn your audience off and you’ll end up with little to no engagement.

Instead, become a better version of yourself.

Then you can speak to your audience’s needs and inspire them to get better in the same areas you’ve learned to master.

How To Become a Better Version of Yourself

Our body’s natural self-repair mechanisms only turn on when the nervous system is relaxed. You must relax to self-repair – to get to an optimally healthy state – physically and mentally.

In order to be optimally healthy, you need more than just a good diet, a regular exercise program, getting enough sleep, taking your vitamins, etc.

These are critically important, but you also need healthy relationships, a healthy professional life, a healthy creative life, a healthy spiritual life, a healthy financial life, and a healthy environment. 

Ways to turn on your relaxation responses:

  • pray/meditate
  • express yourself creatively
  • massage
  • exercise
  • spend time with family and friends
  • do work that you love
  • laugh
  • play with kids
  • play with animals
  • volunteer in your community
  • take time out

Focus first on getting yourself to the healthiest place possible—become a better version of yourself. You will find that you can be more of an impact when you are.

And remember, your target market needs these things too.

How To Help Your Audience Become Better Versions of Themselves

Just as you sometimes have days when you’re not in the best state of mind, so does your audience.

They may be stressing over a problem or a hurtful situation. They may be desperately searching for a solution and they happen upon your site.

Now’s your opportunity—not to sell to them, but to instead nurture them.

If you’ve done your research, you already have an idea of what problems your target audience may be experiencing. So now you can create free content, products, or services that help solve those needs.

In your interactions with your audience, share those solutions you’ve found and created. Offer freebies they can download, watch, or sign up for and share your knowledge.

Create solutions that help them in:

  • relieving stress
  • restoring relationships
  • giving back freedom
  • motivating
  • improving work-life balance
  • freeing up time
  • etc., etc., etc.

Your goal is to inspire your audience three times more than you try to sell to them. 

Then you can begin to share with them the relationship between your paid products or services and their needs.

Your audience will be more willing to buy from you in this optimal state, and will value their relationship with you more.

So in Summary

First, become a better version of yourself. Next, help your blog readers or followers get better by posting updates, articles, images, videos, and free products and services that can help them get to the optimally healthy state they need. 

Then you can show them how what you offer (your products or services) can help solve their deepest needs.

They’ll be more willing to buy from you and you create loyal customers for life.

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