Goodbye Boss Series #3 – How To Fund Your Dream To Come Home

Do you have a dream to be home with your kids full-time? This Goodbye Boss podcast series teaches you how to afford to stay home.

In the last episode, we talked about some of the major obstacles to staying home full-time. We also chose a “coming home” date to allow you time to plan and save.

Today, we’re going to talk further about one major obstacle that stops many women from taking the leap of faith from working mom to work at home mom.

What is this roadblock? It’s not knowing how to afford to stay home.

I remember daydreaming about being home with my kids while working my 9 to 5. And even though I worked from home some days, it wasn’t the same as being available on my own terms.

But I couldn’t see past the pile of bills to even imagine what quitting my job and being home would be like.

And then I got determined. I was going to find a way to afford it.

That was over 10 years ago and I’ve been home ever since. Now, I want to share with you the steps I took to get here.

How To Afford to Stay Home

In this podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Putting wings to your dream – making it more of a reality.
  • Purpose of a “Coming Home” account.
  • What could happen if you don’t plan ahead.
  • How to set up a homecoming account.
  • Naming your dream fund and why.
  • What to expect in the next episode.

Be sure to take the action steps mentioned in the podcast. It’s by taking action that you move closer to your goal.

Miss any episodes?

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If you have a dream to stay home with your kids, here's how to afford to stay home.

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