Goodbye Boss! – My Story and How God Led Me to Come Home

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About The Podcast

Welcome to the Goodbye Boss, Hello Kids Podcast. Hi, I’m Roz and after quitting my corporate job without a plan, struggling with my finances, my health, and my confidence, I discovered how to live the life God planned for me.  A plan that allowed us to get out of debt, start saving and live in freedom—with more purpose and better health than ever before. And I never looked back.

In this introductory episode, I’ll share my story of how God led me from corporate boss to mom boss. Grab your pen and journal and sit down with me. It’s time to create a plan to be able to say goodbye boss, hello kids!

Listen below for the entire episode on The Goodbye Boss, Hello Kids Podcast

Podcast highlights:

  • My story and what I did before becoming a work-at-home mom.
  • What led me to decide to leave my career, without a plan, and come home.
  • How I gained the confidence to quit my job and what happened after.
  • How I help other moms create a plan to say goodbye boss, and hello kids!

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