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Are you a mama who’s at home with the kiddos, praying for some way to make some money from home? Have you been praying for some way to earn some extra income to replace lost wages? Well, girlfriend, I’ve got you! I’m here to help you find a Virtual Assistant job with legitimate companies so you can stay home with those sweet babies of yours.

Virtual assistant jobs are some of the best types of work from home for moms. You generally have flexible hours and many don’t require customer service-type of phone work (meaning, you won’t have to worry about crying babies while trying to take calls).

Find A Virtual Assistant Job With Legitimate Companies

Profit Factory is a company I’ve recently found that looks for the best match possible for their high profile entrepreneurs. They search for qualified remote workers who want to work with legitimate businesses as virtual assistants (VAs).

Currently, they have a few businesses listed on their site that have openings for VAs. Here’s one of the listings available:

Virtual Assistant Job with Optimal Living

Optimal Living Daily is looking for a VA who has 15-20 hours/week available. She must be organized, efficient, and detail-oriented with exceptional reading and writing skills.


Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Social Media Management – writing content, scheduling, and creating graphics
  • Writing show scripts, intros, and outros
  • Writing Ad Copy for sponsorships
  • Curating content for and publishing podcasts
  • Email and Dropbox management

Skills Needed

Some of the skills you will need for the position include:

  • exceptional writing skills with experience in social media, ad copy, and email writing
  • extremely detail-oriented with the ability to spot typos and grammatical errors
  • be a independent and imaginative self-starter who thinks quickly and proactively
  • tech-savvy with the ability to learn new software and tools quickly
  • copywriting experience is a huge plus!
  • owning a PC is preferred!

There are also some tools you’ll need to be experienced with, like social media management tools, Office products, Google Drive, and WordPress, among others.

Details about the Position

Some of the details about this position include:

  • This position is a contractor (1099) position
  • You must have at least two years of writing experience with social media, advertising, or podcast content
  • The position will approximately 15-20 hours per week
  • Hours are flexible as long as deadlines are met
  • The pay rate for this position is $25/hr. USD/CAD
  • They’re looking for someone to become a long-term (3+ years) team member

How to Apply

The application process is very specific, so pay attention and follow the directions carefully. Click the button below to apply, then scroll down to find Optimal Living. If you don’t see the company listed on the site, then they have filled all of the positions available.

Are you looking to find a Virtual Assistant job with legitimate companies? Be sure to check back often as I list new companies weekly.

Find A Virtual Assistant Job With Legitimate Companies

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